Throwback Thursday: Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl”

Throwback Thursday: Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl”

By Corynn Smith | July 26, 2012

When we really think about it, 2008 was a great year for K-pop. Big Bang solidified their popularity with “Haru Haru.” The Wonder Girls unleashed international dance cover magnet, “Nobody.” Rain sent heatwaves to the dance floor with “Rainism.” “Mirotic” arrived in all its TVXQ glory. 2AM, 2PM, SHINee, IU, Davichi, Navi and U-Kiss were among the year’s debuts. And Fin.K.L-member-gone-solo-singer, Lee Hyori, took over the airwaves. “U-Go-Girl,” Hyori’s first single from third album It’s Hyorish, was an instant hit, topping online charts and winning several awards on live music programs. Unsurprisingly, the catchy track was penned by hook song masters E-Tribe (whom you can thank for Girls’ Generation‘s ”Gee” the following year).

Some of us tend to over-think small problems and/or get worked up over stuff we can’t control. What should I wear today? How should I act? Does this person like me? What if something bad happens? Don’t worry about it! Listen to these words of wisdom, directly from Lee Hyori to you:  ”Don’t sweat the small stuff and just be the awesome person you are.” There, you feel all warm and fuzzy now, don’t you? You’re welcome.


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