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Throwback Thursday: Epik High’s “Peace Day”

Throwback Thursday: Epik High’s “Peace Day”
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By Anna Park | September 20, 2012

Tablo bid farewell to the Twitterverse earlier today. Well, just until Epik High‘s upcoming album is complete, that is.

This comeback will mark the trio’s eighth studio album and their first release under their new label YG Entertainment. Seems like just yesterday when Epik High finally started to hit the mainstream— spittin’ lyrics on music shows, starring in sitcoms and goofing around on variety programs. High Skool, as Epik High fans are called, know what I’m talking about.

Cut back to 2004; Epik High had just dropped their third album, High Society, along with a dorky-as-hell music video for their lead single “Peace Day.“ It wouldn’t be until two whole years later until they would make it big with “Fly” and “Paris.”

“Peace Day,” which stars Tablo, Tukutz and Mithra as three hilariously adorkable life counselors, is music video gold. Whether it’s getting a stain on a brand new t-shirt or dealing with hefty telephone bills and girls who can’t dance in clubs, Epik High tells us to erase it all and “party like it’s your birthday!

Epik High — “Peace Day” from High Society, 2004

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