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Throwback Thursday: Brown Eyed Girls “Hold the Line”

Throwback Thursday: Brown Eyed Girls “Hold the Line”
Photo Credit: B-Girls

By Janine Bower | June 14, 2012

When you think of Brown Eyed Girls what immediately comes to mind? Alright you… you can stop those Abracadabra hip pops at any time. But seriously, the iconic image of BEG is one of four fabulously kickass ladies with fire-hot sex appeal and a take-no-s***-for-an-answer attitude. Pushing boundaries with the ease of their slick and fashionable image, we’re here with this Throwback Thursday to remind you a bit about their humble beginnings.

Premiering this song on the re-release of their first album Your Story, “Hold the Line” features the accompaniment of Cho PD, the rap and hip-hop singer turned producer for groups like Block B. And as for the song itself, the music samples pieces of the Sugababes’ “Push the Button” and Daft Punk’s “Technologic.”

Take a listen below at the kinda/sorta innocent side of Brown Eyed Girls, and let us know what you think.

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