Throwback Thursday: All Black – “Music”

Throwback Thursday: All Black – “Music”
Photo Credit: Daum

By Anna Park | June 28, 2012

Dok2 has become somewhat of a household name among fans of K-pop and Korean hip-hop alike. Crowned “Producer of the Year” at the 2011 HipHopPlaya Awards, this 22-year-old rapper is not only the youngest member of Korea’s most respected Movement Crew, but he’s also featured and produced for some of your favorite idols — HyunA, G.Na and Jay Park to name a few.

But before he grew up to be the “half-man, half-amazing” we know today, he was 16 years young and half of All Black. His counterpart, Microdot (David Shin), was a mere 12 years old at the time.

It was 2006, and All Black released their first single, Music, Korea’s most adorable hip-hop debut to date. The duo added lyrics to beats that Dok2 had spent years working on, making Music Dok2′s very first self-produced album, the first of many to come.

So we all know what Dok2′s been up to since All Black’s disbandment in 2007, but Microdot sort of disappeared from the scene.  As it turns out, Microdot, now 18 years old, never really left music. The rapper recently announced on his YouTube channel that he would be dropping a new mixtape sometime later this summer in July or August, along with a short film titled Chasing My Dream.

Back in April, his older brother, Sanchez of Brand New Music‘s Phantom, posted a new remix of a mixtape track that they worked on together back in 2010. Listen to “Fighter” remix (in English!) here. Needless to say, Microdot doesn’t sound 12 anymore.

Fun fact: Sanchez is actually the featured vocalist in All Black’s “Music.” Good to know that the Shin brothers have been supporting each other since the very beginning!

Check out this 2006 live performance of “Music” below, and let us know what you think!

All Black – “Music” @ Music Core (June 3, 2006)

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