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Throwback Thursday: After School’s “AH”

Throwback Thursday: After School’s “AH”
Photo Credit: Pledis Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | June 7, 2012

This week we’re reaching back to 2009 for the debut of “Korea’s Pussycat Dolls,” After School. Long before the admission of additional members Uee, Raina, Nana, Lizzy, E-Young, and soon-to-join Gaeun, the group that pushed the borders of sexy in Korean pop music started with five: leader Kahi, Jungah, Soyoung, Jooyeon and rapper Bekah.

In late 2007, Kahi met up with Pledis executives (friends from her years as a professional backup dancer) to plan and produce a dance idol group. After a couple of years selecting and training members, After School debuted with “AH,” an earworm-y-in-a-good-way dance pop track that probably gave music censors a run for their money. We almost feel bad for the poor teacher of After School’s class in the MV. Almost….


Korean idol groups up until After School’s debut had done sexy before, but not quite After School-sexy; the girls leveled up everything from choreography to attire, taking the sexy-schoolgirl theme so literal it was metaphoric again. ”AH!” enjoyed moderate success in the charts, but deserves a place in K-pop history as one of the standout and daring debuts of 2009.

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