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Throwback Thursday: 1TYM’s “Feel So Hot (Hot 뜨거)”

Throwback Thursday: 1TYM’s “Feel So Hot (Hot 뜨거)”
Image Credit: YG Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | September 13, 2012

Summer’s over and the weather is cooling down. So of course, that’s our cue to crank up the heat with this week’s throwback. Me thinks it’s time for a little 1TYM, 2003-style.

After the success of Jinusean, YG Entertainment gave K-hip-hop fans another group to stan in 1998— 1TYM (pronounced “one time”). Oh Jin Hwan, Teddy Park, Song Baek Kyoung and Danny Im represented the future of idols at the time. 1TYM members not only performed with unprecedented charisma and confidence, they also had sick writing and composing skills, like no manufactured pop songs for these guys.

The single “Feels So Hot,” which was featured on 1TYM’s fourth album Once N 4 All, was all about letting their fans (and haters) know that the group was still on fire with fresh beats and hot music.

1TYM — “FEEL SO HOT (Hot 뜨거)” MV

What do you guys think — are there any hip-hop groups that give 1TYM a run for their money today? 

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