This “Bad Guy” MV is 100% Good

This “Bad Guy” MV is 100% Good
Photo Credit: T.O.P Media

By Janine Bower | September 19, 2012

So have you seen how many new groups debuted this year? Like a million, right? Well Teen Top‘s agency is ready to enter the competition with their latest boy group, 100%. Enter “Bad Guy,” their debut music video which starts off slow, then tears off into an upbeat dance track, leveling off the entire song at a breakneck pace. 100%, we think you’re moving at about 120% instead…

100%’s agency is T.O.P Media, led by Shinhwa‘s Andy Lee, so of course he knows how to market a boy band just starting to get their feet wet. But where T.O.P Media’s other boy group, Teen Top, laid claim to a futuristic boyish charm when they debuted, 100%’s first MV veers toward the rough and masculine, smacking you dead in the face with a pounding club beat. All the while 100% throws down some fancy footwork that reads more like the surefire point-and-step pace we’d expect from a girl group. That’s not to say that 100% isn’t unequivocally male; we’re just saying they’ve got some wicked moves that could compete with both male and female rookie K-pop groups.

BTW, remember how worried we were that 100%’s teasers for “Bad Guy” would look like the spitting image of Infinite‘s “Before The Dawn?” Our fears about 100%’s originality have pretty much been laid to rest because “Bad Guy” is more like Big Bang‘s “Tonight” meets After School Red‘s “In The Night Sky” with a brand new HEMI engine and NOS turbo-drive.

Think you’re ready for 100% ride? 

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