The Wonder Girls: New Music Video, Exclusive Pics, Videos here at MTV IGGY!

The Wonder Girls: New Music Video, Exclusive Pics, Videos here at MTV IGGY!
Photo Credit: MTV Iggy

By MTV K | May 24, 2010

Last week, the Wonder Girlswere in MTV IGGY’s studios dishing on their latest EP and generally being their adorable selves.

Stills from the zany video... // Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

We wound them up in a game of Twister (and captured that in photos!), took photos of them in their best summery outfits (with lots of big, plastic sunglasses!), and interviewed them in both English and Korean about their new album. They charmed us! And it was even more fun than when we last had them in the TRL studio, playing Pictionary!

We’ll have all of that for you soon — but first, we’ve got the new English language music video for their single off their May EP, 2 Different Tears. (Watch it here or below!) It’s definitely my favorite Wonder Girls video ever — both for its outrageous style and for its hyper plot, which speeds so quickly it’s wonderfully nonsensical.

First, the girls — in outfit 1 — sprawl all over a retro convertible that’s whizzing through some unreal, international city. A buzz! comes over the speakers. And it’s a video message from their leader — which just happens to be JYP in a blonde wig and some yellow eye-shadow.

He warns there’s an alien somewhere in the city and it’s their job to nab him! That leads the gals to a club — painted in stripes as varied as a bar code’s — where they launch into a dance number (of course!) There’s lots to love here fashion-wise: From tights that are different colors, per leg to jaunty little caps. And when they find the alien — lo and behold!  — it’s comedian Bobby Lee. Who else, really…

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