The Mightiness That Is Chunja Releases “Tonight” MV

The Mightiness That Is Chunja Releases “Tonight” MV
Photo Credit: Gaon; Ato Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 7, 2012

Androgynous and awesome, the powerhouse singer Chunja has just released her music video, “Tonight.” Blasting away at notes and amping up the track alongside collaborator, Grand Prix, this is one cool single you won’t want to miss.

Chunja’s one of the most amazing performers in Korea’s music industry. She’s got the moves, and she knows how to show them in the club or the garage. Just take a look at her strutting her stuff in the MV for “Tonight,” below.

What’s cool about Chunja other than her boss vocals? Her boyish charms, and the way she handles her Nascar type race car. And the way Chunja portrays the sexiness of masculine women and feminine men in this video is just too cool, right? Don’t think we missed the ferocity of that guy in heels. (Honey, you betta’ werk.)

Did you know that in Korea, acceptance of androgyny (the blurring of the lines between what is deemed masculine and feminine) is a relatively new thing. Take the tomboy qualities of f(x)‘s Amber, or the femininity of a male idol, such as NU’EST‘s Ren. Over the years, sexual identity in Korea has not always been so fluid. The idols of today enjoy a much more understanding public, but way back in the year 2000 when Chunja debuted, she paved her unique path into Korea’s spotlight.

With a wicked video like “Tonight” to continue her unabashed legacy, Chunja certainly knows how to handle herself. You go, girl.

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