The “Male Sistar” of Starship Entertainment

The “Male Sistar” of Starship Entertainment

By Janine Bower | August 9, 2012

Starship Entertainment is working towards debuting a group that are the equivalent to SISTAR only in boy band version. Um… what? Starship, you almost had us worried for a second.

Finding success with the ladies of SISTAR and the music chart all-kill status of their hits “Alone” and “Loving U,” Starship now wants to replicate that accomplishment. Second time’s a charm? Much like SISTAR takes pride in their sexy femininity, this 10-20-member boy group will charm their audiences with a tougher, masculine side. Seriously, hearing the words, “Male Sistar,” brought back visions of male idols in Alone era garb to mind. Crisis: averted.

All apparently six-foot in stature, the male version of SISTAR will join the label that is home to Boyfriend. Whereas Starship’s first male group debuted with bright colors and a cute innocence, this group will debut at the beginning of 2013 as their complete opposite. Wonder what that looks like….

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