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THE KOXX Drop a Video for “Take Me Far From Home”

THE KOXX Drop a Video for “Take Me Far From Home”
Photo Credit: THE KOXX Official Facebook

By Janine Bower | September 11, 2012

Indie punks THE KOXX can do no wrong. The frenzied pulse of their electro/garage rock, “will make you scream and dance,” and their latest Bon Voyage EP does just that. And lucky for us, “Take Me Far From Home,” one of the EP’s tracks, has been made into an MV. In it THE KOXX’s wild side is toned down a tad, which calmly transports us to a place of sheer musical gratification. Yeah, we’re glad.

This latest song pairs the twinkle of their guitar riffs with the just-hard-enough bang of member Saron’s percussion, while synthesizers and the vocals of lead singer Hyunsong coalesce and dive straight into the eardrums. It’s fluid, yet frenetic at the same time.

The lyrics of this song perfectly describe what we’re feeling about it:

“When I woke up with a massive hang over
I didn’t even know where I was oh
I was stoned there all alone

I couldn’t find myself in anywhere
But time has stopped, all my senses has gone numb
When I was seeking something new”

Like living through the hangover of THE KOXX’s more amped dance-rock tracks (“Oriental Girl,” Trouble Maker” etc.), we wanna go someplace we’ve never been before. Simply said, “Take Me Far From Home” delivers an insightful spin on new wave. As for the music video, directed by Beomjin Cho of the VM project, it shows a handcrafted, cutout, which compliments the quality of this song perfectly.

If you like what you’ve seen, you’ll be happy to know that “Take Me Far From Home” is available off of THE KOXX’s second EP, Bon Voyage, which was released on June 26. We’ve even done a B-Sides episode with them that you can check out here. Killer, right?

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