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THE KOXX’ ‘Bon Voyage’ Says Bonjour

THE KOXX’ ‘Bon Voyage’ Says Bonjour

Are You Ready to (Dance) Rock?

By Suyeon Kim | June 15, 2012

THE KOXX, Korea’s new-wave dance-rock upstarts — and the subject of our Korean indie show B-Sides’ latest episode – haven’t been sleeping. Since putting out ACCESS OK last year, a debut album we liked, they’ve have been touring Korea and Asia like the circus, and even made a glorious return to Korean reality TV with a slot on Top Band 2. And now they’re releasing a mini-album, Bon Voyage.

Judging from the brief teaser, which is a video of somebody’s iPhone playing an instrumental cut, we’re in for the same 80s-inspired millennial synth rock we’ve come to expect from Hyunsong and co. No complaints here!

Bon Voyage is out on Happy Robot Records on June 26th.

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