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The Indie K-Rockers of Apollo 18 Are Heading to Canada

The Indie K-Rockers of Apollo 18 Are Heading to Canada
Photo Credit: Apollo 18's Official Facebook

By Janine Bower | September 5, 2012

If you’re looking for some really out-there K-rock, strap in and blast off with the trio of Apollo 18. Their sound is the type of out-there uniqueness we look for in really interesting indie bands, although if you’re in Canada, you won’t have to look that far to hear these guys in person. Soon enough, Apollo 18 will touch down just in time for this month’s Pop Montreal Festival, which our bloggers are already freaking about. Sounds great, eh?

Canadian Apollo 18 fans, one could be so lucky. Here’s what the lineup looks like for Apollo 18′s spin around Canada this month:

September 19 in Hamilton, Ontario at This Ain’t Hollywood
September 20 in Ottawa, Ontario at Zaphod Beeblebrox
September 21 in Montreal, Quebec at Quai des Brumes (part of the Pop Montreal Festival)
September 22 in Toronto, Ontario at Bovine Sex Club

A lot of groups are going to make their mark on the Pop Montreal Festival, but Apollo 18 is the kind of band on their lineup that you’re going to want to give a couple of chances to. We’d advise that you try and make it out to one of their solo dates. Expect to totally have a spaz attack after hearing their Black EP. But don’t get tempted to write off one of their slower (and delightfully stranger) jams like “Emit” or “Warm.” We’re telling you, just hold on a bit longer. If you give these guys your full attention, wistful post-hardcore eargasm awaits.

Did we mention how lucky Canada is now that they’re going to be seeing Apollo 18 this month? Oh we did? Yeah, about that…

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