The Girls of Crayon Pop Debut with “Bing Bing”

The Girls of Crayon Pop Debut with “Bing Bing”
Photo Credit: Crayon Pop's Official Twitter

By Janine Bower | June 27, 2012

Sugar, spice and everything nice. The syrupy sweet girl group by the name of Crayon Pop debuted with a video about their adorable adventures throughout Japan. The spice? This song is all kinds of addictive.

Last week Crayon Pop’s debut video skipped the hype of a separate Japanese debut and premiered with a Korean and a Japanese version at the same time. Already seeking recognition in two markets, while knowing the payout of such a move might spread their resources thin, both versions of the MV for “Bing Bing” were released and come off rather smooth.

The chorus not only is going to stick with us, but the Korean version samples “When You Wish Upon a Star” and a big band beat will capture your attention. Not looking to get all fairy tale nostalgic? The Japanese version saves us the trouble and drops right into the tune. Add that to a rap that breaks down “Eeny Meeny Miny Mo” and the fact that this group has got twin members, and you might be taking more than a few double takes.

Promotions for Crayon Pop are set to start in Korea next month. In the meantime, feel free to follow them on Twitter where they might even tweet you back in English.

Korean Version of “Bing Bing”

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