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The Best and Worst of SBS’s Star Couple Challenge Cup

The Best and Worst of SBS’s Star Couple Challenge Cup
Photo Credit: SBS

By MTV K | February 4, 2011

Continuing with the Lunar New Year specials, SBS’s Star Couple Challenge Cup paired idols against each other as couples.

Idols from f(x), SHINee, Moon Hee Jun, MBLAQ, After School and more participated in the show!

Here’s the best and worst from SBS’s Star Couple Challenge Cup.

The Best

f(x)’s Victoria as the magician’s sexy assistant? The magic show was pretty incredible with Choi Hyun Woo wowing the crowd.

Photo Credit: SBS

SHINee’s Onew, Moon Hee Jun, Choi Yoon So’s performance of “Candy” and “I’m Your Girl” was amazing if only because Moon Hee Jun definitely forgot the choreography in the beginning!

Kahi and Lee Joon’s sexy performance of “4 Minutes” was talked about long before the show aired and it was definitely worth the hype. Kahi’s nude top was super distracting though…

110203 Kahi & Lee Joon dancing to Madonna’s 4… by ASFVariety>

The Worst

What did we do to deserve Kim Hyun Chul in a dress? I need to go bleach my eyes. Otherwise, the girls of Orange Caramel were adorable as always in their performance of “Aing.”

Sorry to Sulli and Chansung but Glee did the “Umbrella” and “Singing in the Rain” mash-up the best!

Not to mention, like the dancing instructor said in the beginning, Sulli and Chansung were visibly awkward with each other.

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