Teen Top’s Agency Teases New Boy Group: 100%

Teen Top’s Agency Teases New Boy Group: 100%
Photo Credit: T.O.P Media

By Janine Bower | September 17, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new boy band on the way. Hailing from the same company that brought you Teen Top comes the seven members of 100%, and two teasers for their debut single, “Bad Guy.”

First off, let’s just all agree that 100% is shaping a pretty crafty debut. We wouldn’t expect any less from T.O.P Media, whose CEO is none other than Shinwha member Andy Lee.

Much like how Teen Top members Ricky and Niel were former child actors-turned K-pop idols, the boys of 100% have already gotten some pre-debut attention on the reality television show circuit via Teen Top Rising 100%. It’s a nifty trick to get a group some exposure before their debut, one that’s worked for a lot of other K-pop artists now killing it in the mainstream. Though the teasers for 100%’s debut single, “Bad Guy,” might not need any extra coverage. 100% stands alone in these teasers with sharp choreo, while showing off a tinge of their powerful vocal capabilities.

“Bad Guy” Teaser 1

“Bad Guy” Teaser 2

As for the look of these teasers, we hate to make this comparison, but “Bad Guy” comes off startlingly similar to “Before The Dawn,” a 2011 single from another seven-member boy group, Infinite. Since 100% also has seven members, (Minwoo, Changbum, Sanghoon, Hyukjin, Chanyong, Jongkwon and Rokhyun) and their teasers feel just as awesomely post-apocalyptic as “Before The Dawn,” we wouldn’t be surprised if 100% pulled out an Infinite-like scorpion dance move in the full MV for “Bad Guy.”

Of course, feel free to disagree in the comments section below. 100% might just surprise us all when they officially debut their single album, WE, 100%, on September 18…

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