Teen Top Releases “Be Ma Girl” MV

Teen Top Releases “Be Ma Girl” MV

By Corynn Smith | August 3, 2012

The burning question in Teen Top‘s latest album release is: “Will you go out with me?” Well, the English title of the lead track is more of a demand than a request, but the sentiment is still there. Released today was the special summer album Will You Go Out with Me and an MV for “Be Ma Girl.”The six guys of Teen Top traded in their angsty looks from their Artist days for a more fun and relaxed image. The MV cuts between choreography, close-up shots, and the group goofing off at a black-lit bowling alley and skate-park. The dance clips are cut a little too choppily to say for sure, but it looks like the ‘shuffle’ has made yet another K-pop appearance. Speaking of re-appearances, Brave Sound strikes again! “Be Ma Girl” is Teen Top’s third collaboration song with Brave Brothers after “Crazy” and “To You.”


Trend alert: that heart in the last frame of the MV? It’s starting to pop up more and more often in the Twitter feeds of some of our favorite idols. Just look at them. How can you resist all that aegyo?

FT Island’s Jonghun, Infinite’s Woohyun, and KARA’s Jiyoung uploaded these hearts to their respective Twitter accounts.
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