TaeTiSeo Releases Slideshow MV for “OMG”

TaeTiSeo Releases Slideshow MV for “OMG”

By Corynn Smith | June 6, 2012

TaeTiSeo is taking a bow for now, but their parting gift to fans is a music video for “OMG” from their Twinkle mini-album. The video is an intricately-moving slideshow of their Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun’s group concept photos.

Actually, “slideshow MV” sounds kind of boring, and that’s not the right description for something this visually stimulating. TaeTiSeo’s lack of fluorescent pinks, purples and oranges during their title single music video “Twinkle” had been a source of slight disappointment to fans, a similar situation for fans of Super Junior who were looking forward to seeing the guys dance around in the neon duds from their “Mr. Simple” teasers. Luckily, SM Entertainment decided to give the girls’ uniquely eclectic Moulin-Rouge-on-acid look another spin over a song that, frankly, blew “Twinkle” out of the water.


We know these three have some of the best vocals in Girls’ Generation, but who knew they were such vocal powerhouses?

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