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T-ara’s Latest Album Reports 50,000 Pre-orders After Black Ocean Incident

T-ara’s Latest Album Reports 50,000 Pre-orders After Black Ocean Incident
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By Janine Bower | September 11, 2012

T-ara has had it a bit rough these past few months. With member and bullying controversies, drama over contract issues and delayed comebacks, the group has pushed through and their comeback is finally fully underway. In fact, their agency, Core Contents Media, has just reported that despite recent issues, 50,000 pre-orders have been placed for T-ara’s seventh album, Mirage, which was released offline today. Nevertheless, despite the good news about T-ara’s latest album, these ladies are not out of trouble just yet.

At the moment, T-ara is facing a lot of controversy after a bullying scandal erupted between the current members of T-ara, and their former member Hwayoung. After weeks of netizen backlash and a handful of delays, T-ara finally came back with a handful of music videos to offer concerned fans. Although, many questioned the moves made by Core Contents Media, saying it was much too soon for the ladies to return after this summer’s scandal, T-ara’s seventh mini-album, Mirage, has apparently done well in pre-order sales. Does that mean T-ara’s comeback is actually being well-received?

Some concert goers in Jeju, South Korea last weekend would beg to differ. As T-ara took the stage at the 2012 World Conservation Congress K-Pop Nature+ Concert on September 8, fans turned off their light sticks and did not cheer for T-ara. This action in K-pop is known as creating a “black ocean,” where the normally bright “sea” of light sticks lit by fans are turned off, leaving a performing artist in darkness and silence. Very bold move, netizens.

Now there are a number of issues floating around T-ara, like the total number of songs they were scheduled to perform versus the performance fans received, whether Core Contents Media even recognized that a “black ocean” had occurred and where in the crowd the girl group’s disapproval came from. In various fancams at the event, some chants were in favor of the ousted member, with crowds shouting, “Hwayoung.” So the drama doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon.

As T-ara pushes through their performance schedule throughout Asia this month, let’s hope that they can survive the netizen backlash, and have more good news to share other than pre-order album sales.

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