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T-ARA Releases Teasers for “Day By Day”

T-ARA Releases Teasers for  “Day By Day”

By Corynn Smith | June 28, 2012

From the looks of things, T-ARA‘s upcoming MV is well on its way to outdoing every single music video they’ve released thus far. Comeback single “Day By Day” will be accompanied by a 20-minute music movie, two additional group members and a whole lot of post-apocalyptic, warrior-gang epic-ness. Several still photos and an MV teaser have been released so far, all in great anticipation for the big reveal on July 3.

The ladies of T-ARA once again teamed up with “Cry Cry” director Cha Eun Taek for this large-scale sci-fi drama set in the year 2330. In addition to the core seven members, the music video will feature newbies Ahreum and Dani, the latter of which will wait until later this year to actually promote with the group.

Photo Credits: Core Contents Media

“Day by Day” will be released on July 3rd, followed by “Mirage” on August 15th, and finally, “T-ara’s Effect” on October 15th.


Image Credit: Core Contents Media

Seriously, when did the girl group that brought us “Bo Peep Bo Peep” go all Blade Runner on us? No complaints here.

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