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T-ARA Releases Part I of “Day By Day”

T-ARA Releases Part I of “Day By Day”

By Corynn Smith | July 3, 2012

After a slight editing delay yesterday, T-ARA‘s “Day By Day” music movie has finally been released. We have to say though, while Core Contents Media spent a lot of time pushing the 20-minute aspect of the sci-fi mini-drama MV, they neglected to tell us an important detail. The drama will be released in two parts…. The first ten-minute installment of the “Day By Day” story hit YouTube today, along with a short BTS reel.


Dani made an impressive acting debut as a blind girl with mysterious superpowers, with both of her character traits providing interesting plot twists. Also, props to Hyomin’s character for taking a sword to the gut like a champ. It took her six years to wake up afterward, but the fact that she woke up at all makes her a real trooper.

There’s no use avoiding a comparison with last year’s “Cry Cry“/”Lovey Dovey” MV combo, which followed a similar formula. “Day By Day” is the new “Cry Cry,” the melancholic slow song that sets up the conflict and the cliffhanger. We can hear the instrumental for the next single in the preview of the next story arc. It’s bright, funky and most likely the soundtrack to some new dance craze, like “Lovey Dovey” was for the shuffle.

All in all, the song was very T-ARA and the ruined-future storyline was engaging enough for the To Be Continued title card to make us groan. We can probably expect Part II with the release of “Mirage,” which is on schedule for August 15.

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