Supreme Team Breaks Hiatus with ‘NOWorkend’ Single

Supreme Team Breaks Hiatus with ‘NOWorkend’ Single
Image: Ilgan Sports

By Corynn Smith | March 19, 2013

Supreme Team is back — everyone else can go home now. The sorely-missed rap duo returned this week with their new track “Stay Still,” which is not only part of their first release in nearly two years, but also part four of NOWorkend project. Show of hands: who wants Amoeba Culture’s project album in their music library yesterday?

The lyrics for Supreme Team’s new track “Stay Still feat. Crush,” off of their single album Thanks 4 the Wait, are all about being passionate, staying cool and living life on the next level. Pretty inspiring, if you ask us.

Get a glimpse into the lives of Simon D., E-Sens and Crush with the “Stay Still” MV, featuring performance, backstage and candid footage of their lives as Amoeba Culture artists.

Love Supreme Team’s “Stay Still?” Then you need to check out these other NOWorkend singles and start your collection:

01. Gaeko (Dynamic Duo) — “Rhythm is Life”
02. Yankie — “I.N.D.O feat. Tablo”
03. Zion.T — “Two Melodies feat. Crush”

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