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Super Junior’s “Sexy Free & Single” Teases Us All

Super Junior’s “Sexy Free & Single” Teases Us All
Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

By Janine Bower | June 29, 2012

Super Junior is back and in top form with “Sexy Free & Single.” While the full MV is set for a July 1 release, as far as we can tell from the teaser, their sixth album comeback is packing quite a punch.

Right off the bat the breakdown opens up to a uniquely colored backdrop and a pumping electronic sound. Their seamless footwork now with Kangin in tow rides high in energy and finesse. But that’s to be expected since SM Entertaintment‘s choreo guru, Hwang Sang Hoon, dropped word of Devin Jamieson’s inclusion on the choreography team. Devin Jamieson, the world famous choreographer known for his work with Britney Spears, Hillary Duff and Michael Jackson joined Lyle Beniga, Nick Baga and Devon Perri to complete the crew that is bringing what is shaping up to be one of Suju’s most intricate comeback routines to date.

Kicking it off with a bang and smoothed out with wicked moves and intoxicating flow, Super Junior’s teaser for “Sexy Free & Single” has left us yearning for more.

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