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Summertime Teasers for SISTAR’s “Loving U”

Summertime Teasers for SISTAR’s “Loving U”

By Corynn Smith | June 25, 2012

Starship Entertainment is going all out with their theme for SISTAR‘s Summer Special Album. Individual photo teasers for all four members have been released, as well as a group photo and MV teaser for the lead single, “LOVING U.” Hyorin, Soyu, Bora and Dasom posed for two sets of teasers, one in cute and colorful warm-weather outfits and the other in more demure summer-night whites. The whole concept was a big turnaround from SISTAR’s mature image in “Alone,” but that was the plan according to Starship. An agency rep promised a couple of weeks ago that the girls would be going “cuter and brighter” for their “LOVING U” comeback, saying that they would be returning to their characteristic charms from earlier singles.

Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment

According to Starship, we can also look forward to footage of impressive tricks by professional surfers and cameos from famous models in Hawaii, the MV’s shoot location. Las Vegas, and now Hawaii? Take us with you wherever you decide to shoot next, ladies. Check out the MV Teaser:

SISTAR Summer Special Album is a collection of remixed hits from debut single “Push Push” to the most recently released “Alone.” New on the album are “Holiday” and lead single “LOVING U,” which were produced by Uneven Sidekick.


01. “Loving U”

02. “Holiday”

03 “Push Push (DJ Rubato Remix)”

04. “Alone (Smells Remix)”

05. “Ma Boy (Smells Remix)”

06. “How Dare You (Demicat Remix)”

07. “So Cool (DJ Rubato Remix)”

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