Stephanie Makes Her Solo Debut with The New Beginning

Stephanie Makes Her Solo Debut with The New Beginning
Image Credit: Media Line Entertainment; "Game" on YouTube

By Corynn Smith | October 9, 2012

Former CSJH The Grace member Stephanie gave a big solo hello to her fans this weekend with the release of her first single album. The New Beginning hit the market along with a choreography-centric music video for the album’s lead track, “Game.” 

The “Game” MV is your typical performance video, spiced up with artistic visual effects and a whole lot of Steph’s famous footwork. She flaunts years of dance training by treating viewers to confident and powerful moves, including a couple of impressive standing splits. I don’t know about you, but my legs don’t do that.

The song’s lyrics describe a challenging relationship that keeps slipping out of reach, but it’s nothing Stephanie can’t handle. It’s more of a game for her, anyway. The “queen is back,” after all, and the royal ones have a way of getting what they want…


“Game” does a great job showing off Stephanie’s well-known dance chops, but the real highlight of The New Beginning is “Dance (NaNaNa)” featuring none other than f(x)‘s rapper, Amber. Stephanie and Amber have deeper voices than the typical female K-pop idol, and they compliment each other nicely.

On a side note, there are an awful lot of K-pop divas claiming to be the K-pop Queen these days. Since there can only be one, we’ve decided that there should be an end of the year battle royale between Son Dambi, BoA, Lexy and Stephanie. Don’t lie; you’d buy ring seats for that.


Image Credit: Media Line Entertainment

01. “Game”
02. “Dance (NaNaNa)” ft. f(x)’s Amber
03. “Game (DJ Koo Clubmix)”

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