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SS501′s Park Jungmin Sues His Former Agency For Unpaid Dues

SS501′s Park Jungmin Sues His Former Agency For Unpaid Dues
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By Janine Bower | October 12, 2012

K-pop is just rife with lawsuits nowadays it seems… Former SS501 member Park Jungmin has just recently filed a lawsuit against his former agency, CNR Media. Well, technically, he’s filing another lawsuit against CNR Media.

Park Jungmin’s first lawsuit came against CNR Media in April of this year. At that time, Park Jungmin was seeking termination of his contract as part of the group SS501, due to not having been paid properly. In July of this year, the courts ruled in favor of Jungmin, claiming that CNR Media had not paid Jungmin properly according to his original contract he had signed with the agency in 201o. This allowed Jungmin to leave CNR Media, disband from SS501, and terminate his illegal contract with them. Since then, he has been able to branch out into other markets such as his solo debut in Japan with the single “Give Me Your Heart” under the alias Romeo.

But now, after CNR Media has not rightly given Jungmin the funds he is owed, Jungmin is bringing them to court, again. This time, he is seeking 200 million Korean Won (~$180,000 USD) from CNR Media. Jungmin is currently owed closer to 1.1 billion KRW (approximately $1 million USD) in unpaid dues from his former entertainment company, but as of yet the case is only for the lower number as the payment will be adjusted later on. It has been ruled by Seoul’s Central District Court that Park Jungmin is owed money from CNR Media, but we’re guessing Jungmin has decided to sue for the money now since he’s currently preparing for a solo debut in Korea.

Do you think Park Jungmin is in the right with his most recent lawsuit against CNR Media?

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