SPICA Switches Styles for Comeback

SPICA Switches Styles for Comeback
Image Credits: B2M Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | September 14, 2012

B2M Entertainment’s SPICA is preparing for a September comeback. Released today was a music video teaser for their new single “I’ll Be There,” featuring a brand new image and sound for one of this year’s more talented rookies.

The ladies of SPICA have been repeatedly praised for their soulful voices and exceptional harmonies, and every single they’ve promoted so far have been themed around the heavy topics of heartache and breakups (See: “Potently,” “Painkiller“). 

From the looks of things, SPICA will be using “I’ll Be There” to brighten up their image a little — and not a moment too soon. With the strict new MV regulations in place, it’s unlikely that imagery like passing around a gun for “Russian Roulette” will ever fly again.

Fun and funky hip-hop/dance tune “I’ll Be There,” composed by TS Entertainment‘s Jung Da Eun and MARCO,  will be released as a digital single on September 19. 


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