SPICA Releases “I’ll Be There” Digital Single and MV

SPICA Releases “I’ll Be There” Digital Single and MV
Image Credit: B2M Entertainment; "I'll Be There" on YouTube

By Corynn Smith | September 19, 2012

Rising rookie group SPICA brightened up online music portals today with their second digital single, “I’ll Be There.” The track takes a few leaves out of the ’90s pop playbook, matching mid-tempo dance beats to nostalgic guitar riffs. Accompanying the single is an energetic MV highlighting their upbeat new image and funky choreography.

No depressing lyrics in sight for SPICA this time! “I’ll Be There,” a song about letting the heavy stuff go and believing in those who are there for you, blends late ’90s dance pop with SPICA’s impressive harmonies. The guitar backing up the rap and the hook is slightly reminiscent of the music of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls days gone by. Also, do we detect a similarity to Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” in the uplifting melody of the hook? Nice. Nothing like a little throwback sound to really lift the spirit.


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