Singapore and Korea Make Skarf a Good Team

Singapore and Korea Make Skarf a Good Team

By Janine Bower | August 9, 2012

Newbie company Alpha Entertainment has got a fresh girl group priming for an August debut. The beauties of Skarf might be ready to perform, but they’ll also be mixing up the K-pop scene.

Skarf has got four girls altogether. Since two are from Korea and two are from Singapore, we’re officially interested. With a unique name like Skarf, which is meant to wrap like a scarf around the “S” of Singapore with the “K” of Korea (totally not a typo), they’ve just revealed a teaser for their debut single “Oh! Dance” with a second teaser set for release tomorrow.

Since Alpha Entertainment is Singapore based, their media exposure on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is all done in English–great for international audiences. Skarf also happens to be the first group to debut under the label. How will this pan out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Speculation aside, Skarf is setting up for a debut showcase in Korea on August 14.

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