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Side Chatter: July 12, 2013

Side Chatter: July 12, 2013

By Chris Choi | July 12, 2013

Controversies, lineup changes, and drama galore! With all the craziness that went down in K-pop this week it’ll be hard to fit it all in…

Ahreum Goes Solo and Other CCM Changes

T-ara‘s Ahreum announced this week that she will be leaving the group just two days shy of a year after joining back in 2012. Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere. She’ll still promote under Core Contents Media as a hip-hop solo artist. Meanwhile, T-ara trainee Dani will be filling in for Ahreum’s spot in T-ara N4 but not in the main group (yet).

Other CCM artists are in the middle of lineup changes as well. Boy band SPEED is adding two new members. THE SEEYA is temporarily lending member Yeonkyung over to F-ve Dolls (formerly known as “5dolls“) and she will pull double duty with both groups. Two more members (besides Yeonkyung) brings the F-ve Dolls headcount to six.

If you can wrap your head around all these changes, we applaud you.

Loen Entertainment and JYJ‘s label C-JeS Entertainment had a public spat this week regarding promotions for XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album promotions, just days before the release date. Words were thrown back and forth but the two companies managed to reach an agreement on July 10th. Look forward to XIA’s comeback showcase airing live on MelOn TV, LOEN TV and uStream on July 16. It’s nice to see that these issues can be resolved out of court occasionally.

However, some disputes aren’t so easily dropped. Lightning speed rapper Outsider, who just made a long-awaited comeback to the music scene, is suing his former company Sniper Sound over alleged payment issues. The drama doesn’t stop there—Sniper Sound  is counter-suing the rapper in an attempt to halt further activities.

Image: Loen Entertainment

2ne1 Goes Reggae

While we’ve had some stellar comebacks this month, girl group 2NE1 has finally come back after a year long hiatus with “Falling In Love.” The reggae track has Blackjacks happy to see all four girls together on stage again. While there have been a few solo projects here and there to tide fans over, nothing quite compares to getting the whole group. And to top it all off, YG announced that there would be at least three more singles dropped before the full album release in October.

Other notable comebacks this month include Geeks, Ailee, Jewelry, and Jay Park among others. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but July is a busy busy month for K-pop!

Image: YG Entertainment


Singer Rain is now officially done with his mandatory military service. While there is still a ton of controversy currently surrounding celebrity soldiers, the discharge is a ray of good news in the middle of this stormy topic (Get it? Stormy? Rain? Eh?). His short speech was delivered to an audience of around 100 reporters and 800 fans. He is now promoting under Cube Entertainment so look forward to a comeback soon.

Image: Getty

Ilbe Ban

Many entertainment companies this week implemented a ban on the controversial message board Ilbe. Due to a recent string of scandals regarding idols using words and phrases commonly used on the Ilbe forums (most notably, one involving Secret‘s Hyosung), companies are now making sure that there is no association between their artists and the site. Some agencies are even going as far as to create study lists of problem words for their talent.

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