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Shut the Fukuoka Up and “Get Up” with SHINee’s Taemin!

Shut the Fukuoka Up and “Get Up” with SHINee’s Taemin!
Photo Credit: Korn Official Soundcloud and SM Entertainment

By Janine Bower | April 27, 2012

Embarking on their first nationwide Japanese Arena Tour, SHINee made their first stop in Fukuoka, Japan. Pleasing the crowd with so much more than songs from their latest album SherlockTaemin shocked Japan with a rendition of Korn’s “Get Up” featuring Skrillex.

It seems SHINee’s youngest has handed in his innocence for hardcore Dubstep beats and words that mean business. Despite the bleeping out of some of the lyrics in his performance of the song–“Shut the f*** up get up” to be exact–it was a bit surprising to see Taemin with this edgier flair, but not necessarily in a bad way.

It’s just that recently Taemin’s been gaining a lot more singing time on Sherlock than he’s had on previous SHINee albums. So he’s been somewhat busy honing his vocals. However this turnaround– a definite first from the normally dulcet-toned pop star–seems to be a big shift in what we come to expect of him. We’re used to him handling heavier material with ease, while keeping his vocals super sharp. His style is quite atmospheric and not as biting as Korn frontman Jonathan Davis’ voice. So taking his crescendo into a louder screamo/metal blend not only surprised us, but made us wonder what else the 18-year old has up his sleeves. Taemin even addressed Japanese SHINee fans with a bravado we’ve never seen from him either. With his voice soaring over the crowd, he growled: “Are you ready? GET UP!”

Who would have guessed that a year after SHINee’s Key entered Le Zenith for SMTOWN Live 2011 in Paris wearing a Korn t-shirt, that Taemin would also become a die-hard Korn fan?

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