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Shinhwa Opens Up About Future Solo Activities

Shinhwa Opens Up About Future Solo Activities

By Corynn Smith | July 9, 2012

Veteran idol group Shinhwa revealed their plans for the upcoming year at a Beijing concert press conference they held recently on July 6. Rather than split up to focus on solo endeavors, the group promised to promote as a group and as individuals simultaneously.

Leader Eric clarified, “…in terms of period and duration [promotions] will be similar to this year. Before that, the members will be releasing solo albums or embarking on our individual projects.” Member Dongwan added that their goal is to release an album a year in the future. As for specifics regarding solo plans, the members took turns dishing out details.

Andy took the time to promote his new seven member idol group called 100%, who will follow in the footsteps of his first successful group, Teen Top. Dongwan revealed his passion for acting and explained how the second half of 2012 will consist of drama and movie gigs for him. Minwoo set his sights high by aiming for releasing a solo album (or at least a digital single), performing solo concerts in Korea, China and Japan, in addition to producing. But what was most surprising, and sans a specific date, Hyesung promised his fans an album this fall or winter, and of course, overseas promotional activities in addition. Junjin revealed that he is looking through some Korean drama scripts now, but his current plans as an actor see him off to China first.

Shinhwa successfully ended their first comeback activities after a four year hiatus this past March. Their Asia tour launched on April 30 in Shanghai and traveled to Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. The seventh and final stop was in Beijing on the 6th.


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