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SHINee, Super Junior and Beast: Just What the Doctor Ordered

SHINee, Super Junior and Beast: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Photo Credit: SM Entertainment; Cube Entertainment

By Janine Bower | June 27, 2012

Among the glitz and fame of the idol world, this month three idol groups were giving back. Helping their fans in need, Beast, Super Junior and SHINee appeared with nothing but the best medicine.

When she was just a child, Brooklyn raised teenager Donika Sterling was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a debilitating muscle disorder that has terminally confined the now 15-year-old to a wheelchair. In an effort to grant the young lady’s wishes, Canadian CEO of American Iron & Metal Herbert Black financed a trip to Korea after hearing about her illness from her mother, who had helped the millionaire as a nurse when he was himself hospitalized. When she arrived, not only did she meet Super Junior who invited her to watch their latest music video filming, but a special event was given in her honor from her favorite idol group, SHINee. The group that had “given her strength” throughout her illness performed her favorite song “Ring Ding Dong,” while her favorite member Taemin told her “not to lose courage.”

Donika Sterling pictured with Super Junior

Donika pictured with favorite idol group SHINee

At the same time, SHINee and Super Junior weren’t the only ones brightening June with their healing charms. Earlier this month A Touching Story told the plight of 13-year-old Seo Hyun and her fight against 3rd stage cancer. The story documented her lack of will to eat, to look at herself in the mirror (because she’s now hairless from treatment) and her difficulties with chemotherapy.

In an effort to liven her spirits, the anonymous poster asked for a personally signed photo from Beast. The group delivered a signed CD as well as a written letter on their photo book to Seo Hyun hoping for her recovery. Apparently thrilled by the small gesture, which is one of many charitable things Beast has done under the radar in the past, little Seo Hyun texted her friends “B2ST members are the best. Doojoon and Yoseob wrote me a letter. The other members signed the CD for me. I’m so happy.”

While charity and generosity aren’t always the go-to words when thinking of our favorite idol groups, it’s such a beautiful thing seeing these kinds of acts from such big name stars.

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