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Secret To Go Digital For a Role-Playing Video Game

Secret To Go Digital For a Role-Playing Video Game
Photo Credit: NCSoft

By Janine Bower | August 2, 2012

Nowadays it seems you can literally find K-pop everywhere. After teaming up with the masterminds behind one of South Korea’s latest MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), the ladies of Secret are about to get down in the digital world.

On June 30, Blade & Soul, an anime-styled RPG hit Korean shelves with a pretty positive response. While South Korea and China fans have already seen the game debut, other regions including Japan, Europe and North America are still waiting for an official release date from the game’s creators, NCSoft. Add to this that chief animator Hyung-Tae Kim—the crazy talented artist who brought you the beauty of the Magna Carta series—is set to introduce four new special characters into the mix. Representing the various races in Blade & Soul will be the members of Secret in uniquely designed in-game attire.

As part of a special edition to the already released game, Jun Hyo Seong starts us off with a portrayal of B&S‘s “Jin” race. Considered the game’s average human-like species, they balance out the magical equation in Blade & Soul.

Photo Credits to NCSoft

Zinger will be depicting a character in the “Gon” race. Typically larger than the “Jin” characters, they have darker skin, lighter hair and stronger, more muscular frames.

Han Sun Hwa will take on the form of a “Hun” character. While beautiful and mostly human-like, this race is the only of its kind with a female-only gender.

And finally, Song Ji Eun will be portraying the “Lyn” race. With the game’s smallest body type and animal-like features, this species emulates mice or other animals while being somewhat human, and totally adorable.

But that’s not all, gamers… not only can you check out an exclusive preview of Blade & Soul’s gameplay thanks to IGN, you can even see NCSoft’s photo shoot with Secret as they gear up for their very first video game debut.

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