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Sagging Snail and THE KOXX Remix “Punk In The Corner”

Sagging Snail and THE KOXX Remix “Punk In The Corner”
Photo Credit: Global Mnet Official Site

By Janine Bower | September 17, 2012

Please don’t tell us that we’re the only ones in love with retro ’80s pop. If you have an inkling as to the awesome power of a few keytar synthesizers too many, you’re going to love the duo, Sagging Snail. But, if you’re not really in for a revamped return to the fateful days of jerri curls and Members Only jackets, perhaps a dash of THE KOXX might change your mind. Remixing Sagging Snail’s “Punk In The Corner,” THE KOXX have just added a their own indie flavor to one sick retro track.

Before you do anything, first check out the original music video for “Punk In The Corner.” Sagging Snail’s duo made up of Lee Juk and popular MC and “Gangnam Style” dancer Yoo Jae Suk, mix in some serious duds to the electro fizz of “Punk In The Corner.” And they even got popular comedian Park Myung Soo to participate in their music video. We’re not sure if he’s wearing G-Dragon‘s wig from the “Monster” MV, but…. we’re just not going to ask.

The track for “Punk In The Corner” was released earlier this summer, and was the first time in a full year that Sagging Snail had released anything. However, something about this song called for a taste of indie rock. Enter THE KOXX in their recently released remix for “Punk In The Corner.” The combination of these two groups sound like Boy George meets The Clash. Weird, but totally cool.

Photo Credit: Sagging Snail

If you’re down for some retro/indie fusion, be sure to pick up Sagging Snail and THE KOXX’s remix of “Punk In The Corner,” now available on all major online music sites.

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