Rookies VIXX Have a New Teaser

Rookies VIXX Have a New Teaser

By Janine Bower | August 6, 2012

Remember the “Super Hero” group that debuted at the end of May? Well it seems the recent talents of VIXX are ready for a mid-August comeback with one fantastic teaser. Cue the “fantastic” hook of “Super Hero,” here….

Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX’s label, executed their debut well with three separate teasers. So despite the 8-bit awesome of the first teaser for “Rock Ur Body,” it’s obvious that there are more on the way. Though this fresh teaser does reveal VIXX’s penchant for vintage gaming, it gives nothing away about the song, so we’re definitely going to need a few more teasers to keep us focused, VIXX.

The gamer-geared single album is set to drop this month, and Jellyfish’s introduction of VIXX’s members Power Rangers-style is pretty clever. Let’s just say with such a cool teaser, we’re more than anxious to “press play” on August 14.


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