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Rookie Group FIESTAR Collab with Tiger JK for “Wicked”

Rookie Group FIESTAR Collab with Tiger JK for “Wicked”
Photo Credit: LOEN Entertainment; Jungle Entertainment

By Janine Bower | August 24, 2012

FIESTAR, the recent rookie participants of LOEN Entertainment‘s LOEN Tree Summer Story album, have now dropped their single for “Wicked.” This collaboration pops with the addition of Korean hip-hop icon, Tiger JK, while it also showcases FIESTAR’s addictive, pre-official debut musical prowess.

These girls know they’re “Wicked,” but so is this track. Starting off with some extremely intriguing vocals, read: near chipmunk-style high-pitched stuff, “Wicked” shines when Tiger JK lends his very own hip-hop spin. Specifically, Tiger does well keeping up with the breakneck pace. But when members Yesi and Cheska’s take on hip-hop bamfery, it punctuates the crank of the song’s house music chorus, pitting pretty sick rapping next to a Tony Basil-esq “Hey Mickey” back beat. As for Yesi and Cheska’s slick rhymes, see below…

Yesi: Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend Feat. Lil Mama”

Cheska: Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci”

Their rookie promise aside, this is just the beginning of FIESTAR’s success. “Wicked” is definitely a refreshing hint of what’s to come. Plus, if Tiger JK has given his go-ahead, then there’s no reason not to believe in FIESTAR. We’ll see just what that is on August 31, when they drop their debut single.

In the meantime, pick up “Wicked” at either Bugs or Olleh Music.

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