RaNia Returns with “Style”

RaNia Returns with “Style”
Image Credit: DR Music

By Corynn Smith | September 21, 2012

RaNia is back with a new music video for their third single “Style.” Adding to the surprising news of their sudden comeback, it turns out that YG Entertainment was all over this release from music production to the MV’s choreography. Though the group is another member lighter—Joy went on hiatus during “Pop Pop Pop” promotions, while member Jooyi is nowhere to be seen this time—the remaining five members still hold their own.

“Style,” written by YG Producer PK and Epik High‘s Tablo, is an exciting electronic club track with poetic lyrics about how the image their boyfriends have cast on them doen’t quite match the girls at all. Both the song and the MV lack the full force of RaNia’s confident sexiness, which we sincerely miss from their “Dr. Feel Good” days, but it is refreshing to see a new side of the group.


This is the first time a YG production team collaborated with a non-YG group. According to an interview with OSEN, CEO Yang Hyun Suk offered to work with RaNia to back a debt from his early business days.

Back when YG was was a fledgeling entertainment agency, the company went through some rough times. Before they went bankrupt, DR Music, RaNia’s agency, loaned YG a helping hand. Your moment of zen for the day:  You could say that DR Music is responsible for the existence of Big Bang, 2NE1, 1TYM, Gummy, Se7en, Lexy, etc.

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