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Psy Releases MV and Part One of Best Sixth Album

Psy Releases MV and Part One of Best Sixth Album
Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | July 16, 2012

It’s great when artists don’t take themselves too seriously. Or so seriously you can’t help but bust out laughing. Psy‘s Best Sixth: Part 1 delivers a dose of hilarity in his self-composed lead single “Gangnam Style.” And the EP reminds us of why he’s so popular in the first place.


The combination of parody lyrics about what we look for in the opposite sex and the sheer ridiculousness of the music video makes it hard not to give Psy his props. And you better believe his live performances are just as crazy over-the-top as his music videos. Unfortunately, we can smell a potential MOGEF ban from a mile away – there are brief but blatant fan service shots throughout the video. It was a slick move to squeeze this MV in before the new online regulations starting next month.

As for the music, we could go on and on about genre crossovers, vocal ability, technical this, and critical that, but what every album review boils down to is whether or not it’s enjoyable. Psy has an undeniable talent for entertaining, and listening to Part 1 from beginning to end was fun, in the purest sense of the word.


Image Credit: YG Entertainment

1. “Blue Frog ft. G-Dragon
2. “Hot Goodbye ft. Sung Si Kyung
3. “Gangnam Style”
4. “Year of 77 ft. Leessang, Kim Jin Pyo
5. “What Would Have Been ft. Park Jung Hyun
6. “Never Say Goodbye ft. Yoon Do Hyun

Psy’s Best Sixth: Part 1 is available on iTunes.

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