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Psy Releases Fight Song for Korea’s Olympic Teams

Psy Releases Fight Song for Korea’s Olympic Teams

No, Psy isn't finished taking over our blog roll.

By Corynn Smith | July 18, 2012

Who’s ready for some Olympic spirit? Psy, who hasn’t left our front page in about a week, released a fist-pumping fight song for South Korea’s Olympic teams last month. The music video for the song was revealed online yesterday, and features Psy and a throng of athletes, supporters and fans on an energetic romp through Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul.

Psy was chosen to produce and perform the official Korean anthem at the 2012 London Olympic Games through the Cheers of 50,000,000 Citizens through Korean Music project. This isn’t his first time carrying a musical torch for the nation, though. “Champion” in 2002 and “We are the One” in 2006 were also songs of support by Psy for his country’s teams.

“Korea,” Psy’s latest ode to his homeland, is a mixture of rock and traditional Korean musical elements, a fact especially evident when the notes of “Arirang” weave through the melody in the final bridge. The MV was a large scale production that was organized by the National Gugak Center of Korea and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Gyeongbok Palace is normally closed to the public, so a music video with such a large crowd within its walls is a rare sight indeed.


The National Gugak Center also uploaded a behind-the-scenes version of the video, that gave viewers a rare glimpse into the recording process with the traditional musicians.

Photo Credit: Korea Joongang Daily

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