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PSY Gets Favela-Funked

PSY Gets Favela-Funked

By Marlon Bishop | September 24, 2012

“Is it Christmas already? No? Then why is the universe giving me this present?” you might ask yourself, upon encountering this blog post.

PSY – the Korean artist of “most-liked-YouTube-video-in-history” fame – has apparently (and not so surprisingly) made a splash in Brazil. He’s gotten a sexy remix from SEXISTALK, a DJ duo from Belo Horizonte, a city in Brazil’s midwest. They’ve mashed up “Gangnam Style” with the bootylicious funk carioca track “Blackout” by Bonde do Tigrao. The track features drums from Leo Justi – recently our “Artist of the Week” – and vocals by longtime Iggy homegirl Zuzuka Poderosa.

For the delight of your earholes:

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