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Phantom’s Debut Album Drops a Pre-Release

Phantom’s Debut Album Drops a Pre-Release

By Janine Bower | August 7, 2012

Anyone else remember that trio of crazy Queen fans singing ”The Boys”  by Girls’ Generation, but in full Freddy Mercury badassery? Well, that’s not all hip-hop trio Phantom has to offer, especially after dropping a pre-release single from their first mini-album.

Titled “Seaweed Soup,” Phantom’s lighthearted ballad evidenced by the carefree attitude of Kiggen, Sanchez and Hanhae, rolls out with poppy sweetness.

Photo Credit: Brand New Music

Sanchez’s voice caresses, flowing smoothly with a style as happy as the song’s birthday message. In traditional Korean culture, seaweed soup is supposed to be eaten on one’s birthday, but the boys of Phantom must have let that slip their minds in this sugar-coated apology track.

Interestingly enough, the awesome antics of Phantom (we’re still not over “The Boys” thing) never really played out during their regular singles. Trading in mustaches and suspenders for a deluge into darker subject material, their biggest songs “Pretty Enough” and “Hole In Your Face” (pictured below, warning: heavy imagery ahead) contrast greatly with this latest release.

Phantom City, the debut mini-album from Phantom, is all set for a mid-August premiere. It is a complete package that does well balancing Phantom’s emotional range, so make sure you grab a taste of “Seaweed Soup” available through Bugs and Olleh Music.

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