Phantom’s “Burning” MV Sizzles and Pops

Phantom’s “Burning” MV Sizzles and Pops
Photo Credit: Brand New Music

By Janine Bower | August 16, 2012

Bringing a distinctly different type of pop flavor into their first official debut, Phantom sizzles, leaving behind a smoldering mark on the K-pop scene with their music video for “Burning.”

Phantom features members Kiggen, Hanhae and Sanchez, all of whom have been jamming under the radar since 2011. They’ve done well to find their flow in harder-styled tracks like “Hole In Your Face,” and have left their stamp on collaborations such as Verbal Jint‘s “You Deserve Better” featuring vocals by Phantom member Sanchez. But this, their official debut into the world of K-pop, comes off enjoyably fluid.

Never one to overload their listener’s ears with blaring K-pop beats, “Burning” is a nice way for Phantom to ease the masses into their style of delivery. And as a beginning single for new producer Kim Do-Hoon (who recently formed his own label, WA Entertainment) – with the help of Brand New Music CEO Rhymer – it’s not a bad start because the single is not insufferable in the slightest.

Perhaps we’re just being harsh on “Burning” because we know how succinct Phantom’s sound can hit, and hopefully the variety of tracks on Phantom City will redeem this single’s lukewarm fizz. Overall, with the fun of  the “Barbra Streisand” sampled “ICE” and the sweetness of their pre-released single “Seaweed Soup,” for anyone just tuning in to what Phantom is all about, we’ll say that the group’s has made a pretty good first impression.

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