Phantom is “Burning” to Show You Their Teaser

Phantom is “Burning” to Show You Their Teaser
Photo Credit: Brand New Music; WA Entertainment

By Janine Bower | August 14, 2012

Is anyone else as enthusiastic as we are about Phantom‘s mini-album? Ever since their shenanigans involving suspenders and Girls’ Generation, the hip-hop flair of Phantom has been on our radar. And with the the debut of their first mini-album Phantom City fast approaching, the teaser for “Burning” has fired us up once again.

While we can expect the album and MV to appear on the 16 of this month, here’s the teaser for “Burning,” which samples the track’s soaring vocals. But before we start lauding member Sanchez‘ amazing pipes for the millionth time, take a look for yourself.

Not “burning” with anticipation yet? Fine. Brand New Music‘s official YouTube just unveiled a sneak preview video of the filming of MV, with a sample of each of the album’s tracks weaved in throughout.

We know you caught the hook that American-Canadian DJ duo Duck Sauce also used in “Barbra Streisand.” Sampled from a hodgepodge of German dance tracks and even MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This,” the whistling earworm underlying Phantom’s “ICE” sounds mighty familiar, no?

As if we weren’t stoked enough, hearing “ICE” in the album preview (also used in a Hite beer commercial featuring figure skater Kim Yuna) sealed the deal. Phantom, we are so down for this debut.

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