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Orange Caramel are Table Tennis Pros in MV Teaser

Orange Caramel are Table Tennis Pros in MV Teaser
Pledis Entertainment; Loen Entertainment on YouTube

By Corynn Smith | September 7, 2012

Orange Caramel released a sporty MV teaser for their new single “Lipstick” today, hyping up the excitement for their first album of the same name. According to the video’s description on LOEN’s YouTube channel, the director was very impressed with the table tennis abilities of all three ladies while on set, and jokingly declared that the trio be considered for the national team…. 

The teaser is set up as an “interview” with Raina about the “Lipstick” MV concept. She charms the cameras as she brags about her skills, claiming that no matter how hard Lizzy and Nana practice (and they’re behind her practicing as she says this), they’ll never be as good as her. Towards the end of the clip we hear a snippet of the song, which sounds like a modern fusion of Korean trot and swing house.

Did we mention that it’s conveniently subtitled in English for your viewing pleasure? How nice of LOEN to join JYP in thinking of their international fans on YouTube videos.


Hey, wait a second. The colorful, athletic look from this teaser doesn’t match the images from earlier this week at all. What do ’70s hollywood divas (or ’80s prom queens depending on your perspective) have to do with table tennis? You tell us, because we’re still trying to figure it out.

Image Credit: Loen Entertainment

Image Credit: Loen Entertainment

Orange Caramel’s first full-length album, Lipstick, drops on September 12.

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