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October Is The Month For Idol Military Enlistment

October Is The Month For Idol Military Enlistment
Photo Credit: MNET; Bazaar Korea; SM Entertainment; SBS-MTV

By Janine Bower | October 5, 2012

Last August we reported that Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu was preparing for his mandatory military enlistment come October. Well, along with Sangchu, this October is when a variety of other big name Korean pop idols will enlist as well. Among them are Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, 8eight’s Lee Hyun and TRAX‘s Jungmo.

First on the list will be 8eight’s Lee Hyun, who will begin his five weeks of basic training on October 8, before serving 21 months as an active soldier in the Korean military. 8eight, the co-ed musical trio active since 2007, consists of Lee Hyun, male member Baek Chan and female member Joo Hee. You might remember Lee Hyun from the “Homme” duo with 2AM’s Lee Changmin, and their music video “Man Should Laugh” from 2011.

Next on the list will be TRAX guitarist Im “X-MAS” Jungmo, who will begin his four weeks of basic training at Nonsan City on October 25, before beginning 23 months of active duty. Since fellow TRAX member JayTyphoon” Kim just enlisted last March, it’s pretty clear that the two remaining members of SM Entertainment‘s rock group will be on hiatus until Jay and Jungmo return from duty.

Finally, right about the same time that Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu will report for duty, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk will enlist too, on October 30 for five weeks of basic training, before beginning 21 months of mandatory military service. After Super Junior’s sixth album Sexy Free & Single was released last summer, it was unclear when the 29-year-old (aged 30 in Korea, the year in which Korean males must enter the military) would actually enlist.

It was also unclear whether or not Leeteuk and Sangchu were physically fit enough to enlist. Since both idols have been in serious accidents causing multiple injuries throughout their careers, it was undetermined until recently whether or not the two could enlist as active duty soldiers.

Now that we’ve got set dates for all four of these idols to begin their necessary military duty, is anyone else going to be anxiously counting down the days until they return?

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