Ocean’s “You Make Me Feel So Good” MV

Ocean’s “You Make Me Feel So Good” MV
Photo Credit: Hyundai Card Web

By Janine Bower | September 25, 2012

Have we got a mix for you, ladies and gentlemen. If you like hip-hop, rock or soul, why not enjoy all three at once? Ocean, the hip-hop duo now killing it with their first ever album of the same name, has just dropped their debut music video with Hyundai Card Music, entitled “You Make Me Feel So Good.” That’s funny, we were just going to say the same thing…

Ocean’s sound is super fresh hip-hop. Drummer Dr.Moong only adds a punch of percussive rock flavor to the mix, while DJ Jason Chun kicks off the groovy mood of this wavy track.

The MV is innovative but weird, interesting but clean. Instead of trying too hard to be, well, hard, Ocean shows their stuff in this MV as plainly as they can. They let their music speak for itself, and they definitely know how to jam. Partying up with Dr.Moong and Jason Chun at Korea’s Hyundai Card Pop-Up Music store, the duo headbangs to Dr.Moong’s beats, which happens to contain a sample of The Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back.” (Thought we missed that, huh?)

Ocean’s debut album which was produced by Ocean member Bigbear, features ten unique tracks and can be purchased on their official bandcamp, now.

What are you waiting for? Are you feeling Ocean’s new MV? Sound off. 

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