NU’EST to Make Mid-July Comeback

NU’EST to Make Mid-July Comeback

By Corynn Smith | June 28, 2012

NU’EST‘s March debut turned many heads this year. The five-member group skipped the typical love song route and reintroduced themselves with the dubstep-heavy “FACE,” which shed light on teen violence. It has been about four months since, and now fans are eagerly awaiting NU’EST’s July Comeback.An image teaser has been released, featuring all five members pulling masks from their faces. Pledis Entertainment representatives has described the message of their new album as the shedding of the old selves in favor of  freedom of expression.

Photo Credit: Pledis Entertainment

There’s no exact date as of yet, but if “FACE” was any indication of what to look forward to, fans can expect confident and charismatic performances from Pledis’ fast-rising rookies.

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