Navi Pleads, “Don’t Go” In Her Latest Teaser

Navi Pleads, “Don’t Go” In Her Latest Teaser
Photo Credit: ITM Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 21, 2012

A simple message from a beautiful lady, Navi simply says, “Don’t Go,” in her latest teaser. And since we haven’t seen this ITM Entertainment artist in a while, our message to Navi is, ‘Don’t worry hon, we’re staying right here.’

Navi in Korean literally translates as “butterfly,” which makes all of the butterflies present in Navi’s “Don’t Go” teaser that much more understandable. As if crafting a fairy-tale atmosphere with the childish use of a can/string telephone (didn’t you ever do that when you were a kid?) was intriguing enough, that’s when we get a glimpse of the rain-soaked beauty tearfully clutching at her can on a string like it’s her last lifeline. Windswept and drenched in the storm, she is all alone. And then, this teaser squeezes in the sullen image of a waterlogged violin, just before one of those oh-so-pretty butterflies is engulfed in flames. *Tears*

Though this teaser showcases a lot of powerful images in a very short period of time (52 seconds to be exact), we only get a slight breath of one of Navi’s interludes within the MV. Maybe Navi was really going for an innocent feel, because the extremely quick snippet of her voice basically reads like: “nana nana boo boo, no singing for you.”

Well, it’s called a teaser for a reason….

Navi will be fluttering her way back into the spotlight on September 26 with “Don’t Go.” You’ve got your butterfly net ready, right?

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