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Naul’s MV Is a Breath of Fresh Air With “Wind Memories”

Naul’s MV Is a Breath of Fresh Air With “Wind Memories”
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By Janine Bower | September 21, 2012

There’s a moment that happens during every sad movie, where the audience feels something ominous brewing. While Brown Eyed Soul‘s recent soloist Naul has a music video rather than a movie to show us, this tear-jerker might as well be a film with its unimaginable cinematography. And that’s just how “Wind Memories” looks, but wait until you hear how it sounds….

Naul’s typically R&B style that we have come to know from his time with Brown Eyed Soul gets a ballad makeover in his latest MV. The first image we see is a darkly dressed gentleman looking up into an even darker sky. That’s when “Wind Memories” drifts into its listener’s consciousness like a summer breeze, followed by the visuals of a father with his daughter accompanied by Naul’s sweet vocals. But interjections of the lead female’s face, sporting a quickly fading smile, casts a bittersweet shadow that is unforgettable.

As “Wind Memories” continues, Naul takes his time laying down the ebb and flow of his voice before gusting into the truly phenomenal strength that is his sound. It’s almost as if the male from the beginning of the MV, who is seen riding a dark horse on a stormy beach, brings with him the force of Naul’s arching chorus. But what does this dark-horse character truly symbolize? Is he the shadow of death quickly approaching? Watch the MV to find out.

“Wind Memories” is one of the tracks off of Naul’s first solo album, Principle of My Soul, an album meant to heal the soul. Armed with the belief that his music should be like an escape from the pain of daily life, this soul singer uses voice  to alleviate his listener’s difficulties.

Is Naul crazy for wanting to heal us through song? Has your soul ever been healed by music?

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